1. By signing this Consignment Note, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of set out in this document as a binding and valid contract (“hereinafter referred as CN“).
  2. You are deemed to have checked and agreed on all descriptions, size, color and price stated for the Consigned item(s) in the Consignment Note.
  3. The Consigned Item(s) listed in this CN is/are on “as is where is basis”.
  4. Consignor hereby states that the item(s) sent to Boyi & Co for consignment purpose are authentic and not counterfeit.
  5. Boyi & Co DO NOT assist to clean, restore, repair, recover or perform any act to change or improve condition of the Consigned item(s).
  6. Consignor shall be responsible to do any necessary restoration/cleaning before consigning your item(s) with Boyi & Co.
  7. In the event Boyi & Co is unable to confirm the authenticity or value of the following: (1) Consigned Item(s); or the items you intend to consign, Boyi & Co shall have absolute discretion to reject and/or return the said Consigned Items and/or goods you have consigned and/or intend to consign without any notice.
  8. Maximum consignment period is (45) days from the date of this CN (“hereinafter referred as Consignment Period“).
  9. Any unsold Consigned Item(s) in this Consignment Note must be collected one (1) week after the expiry the Consignment Period.
  10. Upon expiry of the Consignment Period and the item(s) listed in the CN remain uncollected, Boyi & Co shall have absolute discretion to dispose of the said item(s) without notice to the Consignor. For avoidance of doubt, Boyi & Co is entitled to donate the uncollected Consigned Item(s) to Charity Organization but it shall have absolute discretion to decide on the manner on how to dispose of the uncollected Consigned Item(s).
  11. Boyi & Co shall not be liable for any damage occurred to the Consigned Item(s) while the Consigned Item(s) are put on display at Boyi & Co’s showroom.
  12. Consignor and Consignee shall agree to a price on the Consigned Item(s) and in the event the Consigned Item(s) are sold at a higher price (which means exceeding the agreed price between both parties), the Consignor shall be entitled to retain the differential sum. Upon the selling of the Consigned Item(s), the Consignee shall only be paid of the agreed price.
  13. Boyi & Co shall have its absolute discretion to decide as to where to display the Consigned Item(s). For avoidance of doubt, Boyi & Co shall be allowed to display the Consigned Item(s) at any show-room belongs and/or affiliated with Boyi & Co.
  14. In the event there is change in contact details, Consignor shall notify Boyi & Co immediately.
  15. Should Consignor requires to extend the Consignment Period, the Consignor must notify the Boyi & Co three (3) days before the expiry of the Consignment Period.
  16. In the event that the Consignor decides to collect and end this consignment contract with the Boyi & Co, the Consignee must inform Boyi & Co in writing, one (1) week before the Consigned Item(s) are collected from the Boyi & Co.
  17. In the event the Consigned Item(s) are sold, the Boyi & Co shall only pay the Consignor one (1) month after the Consigned ltem(s) are sold (“Payment“). The Payment shall be made by way of cheque.
  18. The Consignor must collect the Payment within three (3) months from the date of notification via phone call/ text messages.
  19. Whilst the Consigned Item(s) are in the possession of Boyi & Co, the Consigned Item(s) will be full insured.
  20. Boyi & Co shall have absolute discretion on the method of marketing, displaying and showcasing the Consigned Item(s).
  21. By signing this CN, Consignee agrees that Boyi & Co shall have absolute discretion to dispose off the uncollected Consigned Item(s) upon the expiry of the Consignment Period.
  22. Boyi & Co reserves the rights to amend the above Terms and Conditions of this CN without prior notice.
  23. The usage of ‘you’ in this CN shall mean ‘Consignor’ and both terms can be used interchangeably in this CN.
  24. The usage of ‘Boyi & Co’ or ‘company’ shall mean ‘Consignee’ which will act as the agent on behalf of the Consignor to sell the Consigned Goods. The usage of the term Boyi & Co, Company or ‘Consignee’ can be used interchangeably in this CN.
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